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Jini & Ivan

Château Martinay

August 2021

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Oliver Fly

« She will be your best friend and biggest asset throughout your planning journey »



Stephanie Fayolle is more than just a wedding planner. She is the creator of dreams come true, she is the curator of the best teams, she is the ultimate problem solver, and she will be vour best friend and biggest asset throughout your planning journey.

Wedding planning is never easy. However my husband and I faced many challenges. We were an international couple, living in London, having a 3 day destination wedding in Provence, during a global pandemic. We had to postpone twice and had 3 wedding dates in just 12 months. Stephanie was there with us every step of the way.

From consoling every tear, to providing updates on all the travel restrictions, to rebooking all the same suppliers in an ever-changing environment, and much more. We were able to still have our dream wedding exactly how we envisioned it. This is just a testament to Stephanie’s experience, tenacity, agility, empathy, creativity and her very strong relationships in the industry. She truly went above and beyond. When the time finally arrived for our wedding, from the moment we landed in Provence, Stephanie and her team already had everything prepared. The execution of the 3 days of events were perfect and as the couple, we were able to just enjoy these magical days with our family and friends, seeing our vision come to life, knowing everything was taken care of.

With Stephanie, you just have this innate feeling that you can trust her. She takes every idea and wish you have, and puts in 110% effort no matter how small or how unfeasible they might seem. She is strong, experienced, passionate and just an absolute pleasure to work with. She makes wedding planning actually fun! Stephanie Fayolle is truly The Dream Wedding Planner of Provence.

Jini and Ivan