Jini and Ivan, the union of 2 amazing cultures

Every story is unique, all my couples are individual and endearing.
It is always with immense anticipation that I wait to hear the journeys my couples have taken . This is the story of Jini and Ivan. True citizens of the world, they live together in London.Beside the union of their love, I adore the union of their cultures. The mixture of their origins and their differences creating an original singular result. Jini was born in China and raised in Canada. Ivan is of Serbian origin and has studied in various countries overseas.

Provence, the scene of their marriage ceremony.

Why Provence? For the light, the Provençal gardens and their flowers , for the unique atmosphere that only the South of France can offer: in short, one of the most beautiful places in the world to have the wedding of their dreams.
The ceremony took place in beautiful gardens with incredible views, they were surrounded by both trees and flowers. Warm pastel shades , pale pink and white. The entire ceremony was held outside of course
It’s disturbing how sometimes time freezes. Only Provence knows how to tame its landscapes, and allow its environment to become the humble spectator of the commitment of love…I have the impression that nature stops and takes time to gently embrace the moments of love. It is always very moving to contemplate emotions in the beautiful natural setting of the region.

Safe and assertive choices

Jini has been fine-tuning this wedding dream for a long time. It’s always nice to work with a bride who is assertive in her choices and who has very specific tastes. It was also a pleasure to move forward together towards the realization of this beautiful project in the planning for years.

Calm in the storm

Planning a wedding during the Covid period is very courageous. Jini, Ivan and myself experienced a lot of ups, but also some downs. But the three of us remained very close during the preparations.Experiences like these brought me even closer to my newlyweds. They are so loving and caring towards each other. For the anecdote, I remember Ivan hiding to phone me so that Jini didn’t get stressed.

what matters? love, obviously !

After months of preparation D-Day, time for emotion…. What touched me the most on D-Day? The strength of their relationship, this unconditional and unique love.I am proud to have shared so much with my bride and groom, proud of their trust and their belief in my professionalism.I often pause for a few minutes to savor the beauty of all that we have managed to create together. Happiness and emotion in their eyes are my reward.

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Vendor details

Fine art photographer : @oliverflyphotography
Filmmaker: @mgimage
Wedding planner and wedding designer : @wepinprovence
Skirt (custom designed): @greta_bridal (Aleksandra Backunaite) Veil (custom designed): @jjveilsuk (Joyce Jackson)
Hair pieces (custom designed): @victoriaharperbridal
Shoes: @bellabelleshoes
Make up artist : @ylva.langenskiold
Hairdresser : @axelleb_coiffeur_coloriste
Rings : @77diamonds
Ringbox: @the_mrs_box
Stationary & on The Day: @jostudiodesign
Tableware: @wadahtable
Florist: @flower_by_celine
Vintage car : @provenceclassics
Furnitures: @belounge
Caterer: @traiteurbrunet
DJ: @selecktive_official
Chandeliers : @phos_events
Sax: @adriansaxx
Musicians Duo : @pierrehatat
Wedding venue: @chateaumartinay
Reaharsal venue: @chateaupesquie
Cake designer : @madeincake
Tuxedo: @mason_and_sons
Shoes: @georgecleverley
Champagne tower: @domainelucienjacob
Dress at Welcome Event: @mrselfportrait
Chinese Dress: custom made & hand stitched in China
Shuttles : @ose_provence