Close your eyes and think about your wedding in Provence…Do you see the hilly landscapes extend for what seems like infinity ? You are in the right place, just continue to imagine the idyllic vineyards blooming in tight rows, and lush overgrown olive groves carry the scent of their fruit out into the word. The imperial elegance of Provence is also the regal glamour and the royal castle…In the castle  Chateau de Tourreau, the shine of days gone by resides as though protected by a bubble, persistently resisting impermanence.

Let us introduce you our bridal couple and dreamy romance in its purest form flows through its chambers. Do you smell  the white roses perfume in the air, of sweet temptation and fresh greenery ? Just as we were about to forget how antique the present seems right now, the richly set table for two reminds us in great style and dignity. It is impressive, artfully handcrafted, uniting delicate lead crystal, precious silver cutlery and simple porcelain, and is crowned by the company of velvet upholstered furniture.

Thanks to Tamara Gruner who clearly reveals the beauty of our work in this castle wedding in Provence. It was a pleasure for Wep in Provence and our team to create.

WEP in Provence was created 10 years ago. Our aim is to combine the planning and organisation of your wedding with the beauty of Provence.We pay particular attention to the individual needs of our couples in order to offer them the ultimate special day. With the emphasis on coordination, we escort our couples and their guests to have a memorable experience in Provence.Though our passion for coordination, we accompany our couples and their guests to live a memorable experience in Provence.

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